USJ and Macau Spin Incubator Explore Collaborative Opportunities with Economic and Technological Development Bureau

A delegation of the University of Saint Joseph and Macau Spin Incubator visited the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) to explore collaborative opportunities to foster Macao’s technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Rev. Professor Stephen Morgan, the Rector of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), led a delegation from USJ and Macau Spin Incubator on a visit to the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) on 4th March, 2024. The primary aim of this visit was to explore potential avenues for collaboration between the parties, in the areas of scientific and technological innovation across various fields of technological advancement. Both parties are dedicated to supporting startups, implementing industry-university research programs, and providing a range of matching and consulting services. USJ and Macau Spin Incubator believe that this partnership will open up new horizons for entrepreneurs, offering enhanced opportunities for collaboration and access to valuable resources.

The meeting, attended by Rector Morgan along with Prof. Jenny Phillips, Director of Macau Spin Incubator and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law, Dr. Bruno Nunes, Director of Macau Spin Incubator and Director, and Mr. Marco Rizzolio, General Manager of Macau Spin Incubator, brought together key representatives of the Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre (MYEIC).

During the meeting, MYEIC demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of USJ and Macau Spin Incubator, and presented their main services, focusing on their expertise in creative technology transfer and startup development. 

The potential partnership between MYEIC and USJ/Macau Spin Incubator would open up a wide range of collaborative opportunities, particularly within the Portuguese-speaking customer base, facilitating the transfer of technology and expertise, further advancing the growth of the scientific and technological industry. USJ and Macau Spin Incubator are unwavering in their commitment to establishing global partnerships that provide innovative educational opportunities for young individuals, prospective business owners, and the general public.