Macau Spin Incubator

Macau Spin Incubator (Macau Spin) is an incubator center established by the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in partnership with BN Lawyers and Mr. Marco Rizzolio. The incubator is a project under the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) at USJ, which serves as a platform for startups from Portuguese Speaking Countries to incubate in Macau and be bridged to incubators in the Greater Bay Area and vice-versa.

The strategy of Macau Spin lies in developing a network of strategic partners which are incubators, potential investors, mentors, and experts in and of the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Greater Bay Area markets. This allows Macau Spin to contribute to the positioning of Macau within the Greater Bay Area as a platform for the Portuguese Speaking Countries, as well as exploiting the strength of USJ in its connection and knowledge of the Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Macau Spin provides office space, consultancy, mentorship, networking events, field trips, and business pairing opportunities for its members (startups at Macau Spin). As a project under the USJ-FBL, the services provided by Macau Spin creates synergy with the faculty projects, which can effectively maximize the benefits of the projects and minimize human resources.

Before investment in construction, the first phase of the project is to provide the services as stated without the office space; hence, providing a virtual office or temporary office on the campus of Ilha Verde should members need a physical space.

(USJ Ilha Verde Campus at dusk)

Our Mission:

  • To serve as a platform between the Portuguese Speaking Countries and the Greater Bay Area.
  • To foster an entrepreneurial and innovative culture focused on the Greater Bay Area and the Portuguese Speaking Countries.
  • To support knowledge transfer between the academic domain and the industry.
  • To help with the ideation and acceleration of startups.
  • To provide resources, mentorship, and access to networks to help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • To create a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs.
  • To create a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem.
  • To nurture intrapreneurship and collaborative innovation.

Our Values:

  • Focus on the success of the entrepreneur.
  • Commit to the diversity and sustainability of businesses
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation.
  • Create an environment of trust and respect.
  • Seek to foster a culture of entrepreneurship.

Our Partners: