Macau Spin provides office space and business consultancy; startups mentoring; and business pairing and networking services to its members. Three types of memberships are offered. All memberships include access to our services and events.

Aside from memberships, clients may become partial members by using the address of the incubator as a virtual office. Partial members also have access to the consultancy and mentoring services, as well as participating in our business networking events with a fee. There will also be two meeting rooms for hourly use by members and partial members.

Our services include:


During the ideation phase of member companies in developing the business model and business plan, and in strategic marketing planning in launching the businesses. We also promote collaborative innovation by bringing stakeholders from within and outside different companies to create a new product, service, or process.


In accounting and financial planning; legal considerations for startups; market development for Macau, Greater Bay Area, and the PSCs.

Regular seminars

By invited experts sharing their business experience in the Greater Bay Area and Portuguese Speaking Countries. Business idea pitching sessions will also be organised. Seminars will be co-organised with consulting partners of the University of Saint Joseph’s Faculty of Business and Law with expertise in the different cities in the Greater Bay Area and the eight Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Networking events

With potential investors, businesses and startups in Macau and the Greater Bay Area, and other members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. Aside from events organised by Macau Spin and local events connected to Macau Spin, strategic partnerships with incubators in the Greater Bay Area will be developed for members of Macau Spin to participate in partners’ events. We also provide access to competitions and potential venture capital.


Visits to incubators, public entities, and enterprises in the Greater Bay Area and Portuguese Speaking Countries.